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What it Takes to Be a Crios

Only high quality hardware parts such as ABM / Hipshot / T4M / Graph Tech are used.
Some hardware parts are own design and fabrication such as the one piece stainless string lock:
multi locking clamp
Single piece multi locking clamp - designed by Crios
- Carbon neck reinforcement ensures stability in different environments
- Long lasting finish options for the daily playing and touring musician
- Stainless steel frets, polished to high shine and slick feel
- All screws are long living stainless steel machine screws  -  All the connections will feel tight like on day one - 
even if you remove the neck for traveling or the backplate for upgrading your electronics.
Markers & Inlays
Luminlay front and side markers - helpful for playing dark stages
Your own logo can be created as an inlay as a custom option.
Sound Variety
Create a variety of sounds with the 6-way Freeway switch and many more switching options - without compromising your basic sound.
On Kolibri headstock model it's also possible to create a piezo acoustic-like sound.
Custom Hipshot bridge with Graphtech 
piezo saddles
Have a favorite pickup model?
I will fit it into your Crios - on most pickups it's even possible to upgrade them to a slanted version, which fits perfectly to the multiscale you choose.
Custom slanted pickups
Standard pickups
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