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Colors and Finishes

Get inspired by the colors and textures in our gallery!

All Crios burst finishes are true stain finishes, which means the color penetrates the wood grain to get this deep stunning look.

You can describe your desired finish at the product page text box, here are some examples of Crios Guitar Colors :

Vertical Burst

on Vertical Burst the first color starts at the back end of the guitar, while fading gently to the second color at the Neck side of the guitar:

Center Burst

Center Burst is the traditional Burst finish design. The first color starts at the center of the guitar, fading to the second color (or natural color) at the edge of the guitar

Single Color Stain

This is pretty straight forward – the guitars top is colored in one color, endhancing the wood texture.

Bridge Burst

On Bridge burst the first color surrounds the guitars bridge, while fading to the second color (and colorblend in between) at the edge of the Top.

Special Treatments

Vintage Swamp Ash Finish:
Achieve a raw, wild appearance with our vintage swamp ash finish. This unique finish can only be applied to a swamp ash body, top, or both.


Sandblasted Finish:
For an even more raw and wild look, choose our sandblasted finish. This finish is also exclusive to swamp ash bodies, tops, or both.