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The Creation of a Crios

Each and every Crios Guitar is unique and built to match your goals - from the very beginning. 

One's Utopia may be perfect for precise downtuned progressive music, while another's Utopia would be a great match for blues / rock .

#1 The Sound in Your Head

Even before a single line gets drawn - get the specs right.

Together we'll match the technical specs to your desired goal.

Don't worry about the tech stuff - all you need to do is to describe the sound in your head.

#2 Design and Preview

When the foundation is set, the first preview is created - this way you get an idea of the looks, while all details still can be adjusted.

#3 Pre-Building

Choosing the exact piece of wood you like for your Crios?

Matching some colorful wood stripes to your neck to match the bodycolor?

No problem at all! 

#4 Precise CNC Milling

Body, neck and fretboard blanks will be CNC'd to the exact size & shape.

#5 Fine Tuning and Crafting

Creating a smooth surface, fret-work and pre-assembling.

On this step you may hold it for the first time - to adjust the neck shape to your desire.

#6 Finishing

Oil? laquer? satin? gloss? whatever you choose!

#7 Final Assembling, Set up & Sound Test

Bringing together all the wood / hardware / electronics.

#8 It's Yours Now!

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