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What it takes to be a Crios

Explore the Crios Custom Guitars Feature Gallery! Here, you'll find detailed information and example pictures of our unique custom options. Discover the craftsmanship and innovative designs that set Crios Guitars apart, and find the perfect options to create your dream guitar. Dive into the gallery and get inspired!

Colors and finishes - inspiration

    - Center Burst

    - Bridge Burst

    - Vertical Burst

    - Single Color Stain

    - Special Treatments

Custom Inlays - inspiration

    - Inlay for the whole Fretboard

    - Inlay for 12th Fret

    - Body Inlay

Laminated Necks - inspiration

    - see available Woods

    - example Gallery

Middle Layers - inspiration

   - Body Middle Layer

    - Neck Middle Layer

further informations and available Models

further informations about carbon or titanium rods

further informations about Custom Electronics

further informations about the Evertune Bridge

further informations about Custom Scale lenghts

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