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True Temperament

True Temperament

As a Service Point for True Temperament, Crios Guitars can be equipped with this amazing innovation.

True Temperament guitars offer super-accurate intonation across the entire fretboard. Enjoy clear-sounding chords and perfectly intonated solo lines everywhere on the fretboard. The look might seem unusual at first, but playability, fretting, and bending feel perfectly normal. There's no need to adjust your playing style.

True Temperament fretboards are available for 6, 7, and 8-string guitars, in both multiscale and single scale options, as well as for 4, 5, and 6-string basses in single scale.

Visit Upgrade page for detailed options on True Temperament.

Neck Reinforcements

Neck Reinforcements

Crios necks are already strong and durable. Adding neck reinforcements to your Crios guitar elevates this to the next level, providing extra stiffness that eliminates the need for truss rod adjustments under extreme humidity changes.

Neck reinforcement is especially beneficial for 8-string guitars and basses.

Which material is best suited for neck reinforcement?

  • Carbon: Choose carbon if you want increased stability, ideal for 8-string guitars and basses.

  • Titanium: Choose titanium if you want to enhance the resonance and attack of your instrument, adding punch.

Upgrade Electronics and Controls 

Electronics and Controls

The Production Line guitars come equipped with a 3-way toggle switch for pickup selection, a master volume control, and a master tone control. However, you can explore many more options by adding a custom electronic upgrade!

One standout feature is the Freeway switch. With 6 positions, it allows quick access to full humbucker and split-coil sounds with a single movement of your hand, making it incredibly versatile.

Visit the Upgrade page to see all the available options. If something you want is not listed, contact me, and we will make it happen.

Evertune Bridge

Evertune Bridge

The Evertune bridge maintains constant string tension in real time, ensuring your guitar stays in tune forever. Whether you're tuning low and hitting hard, the Evertune bridge keeps your tuning stable, preventing low strings from going sharp on the initial attack.

An Evertune bridge can be individually set up to allow for techniques like bending or not. Evertune is available for 6, 7, and 8-string headstock guitars, in a wide range of finish options.

Visit Upgrade page for detailed options on Evertune bridges.

Changing Scale lenghts

Scale length

You can customize the scale length of your production model guitar to your desired dimensions.

A longer scale length provides better tuning stability for low-tuned strings, while a shorter scale length can enhance playability.

This is why a multiscale design is an excellent choice for the progressive musician.

On the product page for upgrade the scale length you can choose between multiscale or singlescale and write your desired Scale Lenght into the text box

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