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Custom Inlays

Transform your guitar into a unique masterpiece with custom fretboard inlays on your fretboard or body. Choose or create a design that reflects your personal style and musical identity. You can describe your desired design on the product page, and we will work together to refine and bring it to life.

You have options:

  • Entire Fretboard design across all the frets

  • A special inlay on the 12th fret (or any other fret)

Interested in an inlay on the guitar's body, either front, back, or both? Contact me, and we'll make it happen!

Entire Fretboard design

Get inspired by these full fretboard designs:

12th Fret Inlays

Get Inspired by these 12th Fret Inlay designs:

Body Inlays

Even your crios guitars body can get an inlay: 

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